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CNET UK Podcast 212: Gordon's alive!

As well as interviewing Brian Blessed, we discuss the week's news, including the latest person to fall foul of making a joke on Twitter, a man who's been selling white iPhones, and the potential death of Net neutrality.

On the show this week, we interview shouting legend BRIAN BLESSED. We discuss other things, like an end to Net neutrality, a Chinese lady being arrested over a joke on Twitter, and a DIY white iPhone. But let's be honest -- none of it matters when you've got an interview with BRIAN BLESSED.

Culture minister Ed Vaizey wants to end Net neutrality
Chinese Twitter user arrested on her wedding day for tweeting a joke
US kid making hundreds of thousands of bucks from 'white iPhones'
Beatles on iTunes: Do we care?

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Marshall headphones
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Greatest Gadget
Don't forget to vote in our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament. This week, we mention some of the gadgets we're rooting for, and express concern that some phone or other is beating the greatest TV of all time. So get voting, because we don't want to listen to your whining when the gadget you love most gets voted out because of your own laziness.

Flora had the pleasure of talking to BRIAN BLESSED this week, the new voice of TomTom. Around 25,000 people voted for TomTom to recruit the larger-than-life movie star and explorer via a Facebook page. In the interview, Brian tells us about his laptop and how he played a corking prank on Kenneth Branagh.

Single-syllable review
This week, Flora waxes lyrical about the Nokia C7. If you want to read a more comprehensive review, we can help with that too.

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