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CNET UK Podcast 211: Is the iPhone really better than Robosapien?

This week on the show, we talk about the Twitter joke trial, discuss Google's mooted cranial implants and ask if Robosapien really deserves to lose to the iPhone.

This week, we learnt that Paul Chambers, the frustrated Twitter user who made a light-hearted joke about "blowing [Robin Hood airport] sky-high" was unsuccessful in his bid to overturn his conviction. So we weep for free speech and talk about the rest of the news from this week.

35 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
Government abandons lie-detector tests for catching benefit cheats
UK 'will run out of Web addresses by 2012'
Twitter joker Paul Chambers has appeal rejected

Google boss predicts Google implant will put the Web in your head by 2020
MacBook Air
Sonos Wireless Dock

Greatest Gadget: Don't let Robosapien lose
As our Greatest Gadget vote reaches the end of the first week of voting, we talk about the winners and losers so far, and what has surprised us most. Is the USB stick being underrated? Should the iPhone triumph over Robosapien? These are all vital questions, and we'll solve them all by the time this vote is over.

Single-syllable review
This week, Ian performed an alarming single-syllable review of the HTC Desire HD. If you want more structured thoughts on this device, then head over to Flora's review of this incredible phone.

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