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CNET UK Podcast 209: Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century special

It's a very special podcast this week, as we count down to our spectacular Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century knockout competition.

It's a very special podcast this week, as we count down to the highlight of the year -- nay, the decade -- twice nay, the century! Luke, Ian and Rich get all up in your ears to fire the opening salvoes in our bid to name the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century.

It's the deathmatch of the decade and the showdown of the century, and we need your help. Once you've listened to the boys from the pod discussing which gizmo they think is worthy of the Greatest Gadget title, you'll be able to join the debate over the next few weeks right here at CNET UK, on Facebook and Twitter, and in this 'ere podcast. Your votes will then decide which of our 32 top gadgets will win the technology crown, and could win you a hatful of top prizes.

But before we get stuck in to gadget combat, we cast a beady eye over the week's news. Rich gets misty-eyed about the Sony Walkman, Luke delves into WikiLeaks and Ian goes a bit Ben Elton over Vodafone's tax bill. '80s Ben Elton, that is -- before he was rubbish.

Sony Walkman finally chews great tape in the sky
Vodafone ordered to pay $2.5bn Indian tax bill
WikiLeaks back in the news again

Finally, we fire up your questions from our official CNET UK Facebook page as we offer our thoughts on YouView, data tea leafery with Firesheep, and why we're fed up of being plied wih booze.

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