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CNET UK Podcast 208: Mobile phones found guilty of killing gadgets

It seems like the mobile phone is taking over the world -- we discuss which gadgets it's killed and what's left to go. We also look at the week's news, and answer some of your questions.

This week on an all-singing, all-dancing episode of the CNET UK podcast, we talk about government employees getting fired for shopping online. We also talk about the government spying on us and the sale of for $13m. There's the usual craving too, and this week's feature discussion focuses on how mobile phones are taking over the world.

45 civil servants disciplined for misuse of the Web
War of words over Jobs' tablet rant
Government to introduce rules to store user data for 12 months? sold for $13m

Samsung Galaxy Tab
HTC Desire HD
Gear4 UnityRemote

It's a sad fact that the mobile phone is taking over every aspect of our lives. We discussed the things we no longer need to carry around because of our phones, and were really surprised that there isn't all that much left. GPS and MP3 players are unnecessary, compact cameras and ebook readers are redundant and we don't even need a portable games machine anymore. What else can the phone usurp? Should we try and stem the tide, or should we just accept that if there is a Skynet, it probably starts with cellular telephones?

Single syllable review
This week, Flora reviews the LG Optimus 7. If you're looking for a more comprehensive assessment of the device, you can read a proper review in our mobile phone channel at the link above.

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