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CNET UK Podcast 206: We debate the Nokia N8

This week discuss the shortcomings of the Nokia N8, give mad props to our listeners for amusing Photoshop work, and crown the Kindle our gadget of the week.

This week is all about the Nokia N8, as we discuss Nokia's most important phone for years. We also look at the news that has been shut down, BT is to open up its fibre network and a man is jailed for refusing to surrender his password. Exciting times -- and that's before Luke has uttered his single-syllable review of the Canon PowerShot SX30.

URL compactor shut down by dastardly Libyans
BT must open its fibre-optic network to other providers
Microsoft wants 'sick' PCs banned from the Internet
Man jailed over refusal to surrender password

Amazon Kindle
Windows Phone 7
T-Mobile and Orange combined network

Our competition was won by the exceptionally talented Doug Rattray, who grafted the MegaTimer on to Big Ben. MegaTimer liked the sound of this, being a massive chronographic egomaniac. If you want to look into the disturbed mind of our listeners, Luke Westaway, king of the strange, has written an alarming story which features the best -- and scariest -- of your fantastic entries.

Feature: Nokia N8 needs much discussion
It's an important phone for Nokia, but can the N8 live up to the expectations we have for it? We aren't so sure it has, but your user reviews of the Symbian phone rate it highly. So we ask what's good, what's bad and what it means for the future of Nokia.

Single-syllable review
This week, Luke reviewed the Canon PowerShot SX30 with only a single word or sound.

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