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CNET UK Podcast 200: Celebrating our double century

A host of ex-Cravers are back in town to celebrate our 200th episode, and there's gonna be trouble. Rupert and Chris are in the trial, Nate's back for the Apple-slap of the century, and lots more. Party!

This week it's party time as we celebrate the 200th episode of the CNET UK podcast, and the return of our fearless leader Ian Morris.

Ian is joined by Cravers past and present as we try to deal with the fact that the podcast is 29 in dog years.

Best news from the past 200 episodes

The iPhone was launched in January 2007 -- messing with the iTunes-enabled Motorola Rokr E1 -- but is it the best phone or the worst phone in the world?

The Google Android operating system was born in November 2007, the same week Rory leaked the iPad

Facebook has spread like a bad rash over the last 200 episodes -- we were already fed up with it in May 2007, we wondered if it had a future in August 2009, and hailed it as the social network killer in April 2010.

Meanwhile, the Digital Economy Bill has had us sweating since November 2009. 

The Trial

The venerable Rupert Goodwins, the wildly successful Chris Stevens and, er, Rory Reid are back in the Crave courtroom, and in the dock is what separates us from the apes. Yes, technology itself is on trial.


The giants of Apple go up against the titans of Microsoft, in a battle that will make both appear normal sized. Nate Lanxon stopped off in his private helicopter piloted by Elle MacPherson, to take on Ian Morris and Luke Westaway in the debate that will decide this darn thing once and for all.

What we've learned

In the greatest mass podcast gathering of all time, we pour one out for our lost homies and discuss what the podcast has taught us, what we've taught it, what you've taught yourselves, and what we've held taut, over the past 200 episodes. Cheers!

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