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CNET UK Podcast 199: Pure Android

This week on the show, as well as crashing a £90,000 Jaguar and going to Asda, we discussed whether Android should be just left alone, and revisited the top tech news of the week

On the show this week, Flora, Rory and Luke ask whether it's worth manufacturers and networks customising Android, or whether the little green robot should just be left alone.

We also deliver the best tech news of the week on a podcast platter, reveal how Rory crashed a £90,000 Jaguar XJ, and announced the winner of possibly the best Facebook Photoshop fest of all time.

NewsFacebook and Foursquare set to collide
Biggest Apple store in the world opens in London
Exec who oversaw development of iPhone 4 has left Apple
Vodafone backs off 360 update to HTC Desire

CraveAsda printing Facebook photos
PlayStation phone with Android 3.0 from Sony Ericsson
CNET UK crashes £90,000 Jaguar XJ with Blue Screech of Death

There are no words to describe the wonders of this week's competition, only joyful squeels. The challenge was to manipulate this image of plastic-gun wielding Ian and Luke into an amusing location.

There were so many amazing entries, choosing a winner was incredibly difficult, but in the end we decided that Marc Crane put forth the best efforts with his Bourne Supremacy and Reservoir Dogs mock-ups. We also have to give a shout out to Gareth Wild for his insane animation. Marc will be getting the amazing A-Team RC van from Firebox.

Check out the winners -- and you're all winners -- on Facebook.

Feature: Pure Android
Vodafone had to recant after it sent its 360 services to the HTC Desire. HTC Hero users have been left steaming after they had to wait ages for an update bringing their phones from version 1.5 of Android to version 2.1.

Companies such as LG, Samsung and Acer have put out Android phones with their own tweaks, without much success -- and this week Motorola downplayed its own version, Motoblur. So is there any point in customising Android, or should we leave geeky enough alone? We look at both sides of the issue and then punch the wrong side in the face.

Woot of the Week
This week's woot goes to flight attendant Steven Slater, who told a passenger to F-off over the tannoy, grabbed some beers, pulled the emergency escape slide and took off. We're not saying you should do this -- he got arrested -- but he really showed white board girl how to quit your job. Chapeau, Steven!

Single-syllable review
This week our whip-smart intern Mat Greenwood Greenfield gave his tersest opinion of the LG GB220 Kate. A more verbose review is, as always, available in our mobile phones review channel from the link in the previous sentence, which we'll add as soon as the review appears on the site.

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