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CNET UK Podcast 197: We should be allowed to hack our hardware

The team discuss sensible changes to US law, Ian blows his stack about broadband speeds plus there's our woot of the week and single syllable review

This week on the show, we discussed the new US law that makes it legal to jailbreak an iPhone or rip a DVD and we complained about our much more restrictive British laws. We also looked at the news in a week when more Facebook data was leaked, broadband speeds are back in the spotlight and HMV tries to make money again.

Details from 100 million Facebook accounts 'leaked' online
Ofcom says we need better information about broadband speed
Sky launching proper 3D channel in October
HMV relaunches digital music store, still not the cheapest

Panasonic 3D camera
New graphite Amazon Kindle
Virgin Media Player

Feature: We should be allowed to hack our hardware
For a long time it was illegal to jailbreak an iPhone, or circumvent DRM on a DVD, even if you just wanted to use a clip in your own review. Now though, the US has seen sense and made changes to its DMCA legislation that make reasonable fair use legal. The UK lags behind though -- many of these things are still illegal here, which we think is jolly unfair.

Woot of the Week
We give props to the Porsche 918 Spyder, it's a hybrid and a Porsche to boot. Even cooler, it should be congestion-charge exempt and is more efficient than the Prius.

Single syllable review
It's Ian's turn to review a product using only a single syllable or sound. He shares his brief opinion of the Pangoo 32S700, which receives a much fuller review here.

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