CNET UK Podcast 188: Is the Internet Freeview 2.0?

This week on the podcast, we ask if the new Times Web site is worth a quid a day, look at the new iPlayer, and find out how Google is wasting our time. We also discuss what IPTV can do for us

Ian Morris

This week, Ian returns to the funk of the podcasting studio to discuss the week's news with Flora and Luke. On the agenda: Google and its timewasting ways, The Times' grim insistence that people pay to read its news online and a new version of iPlayer. Plus we talk about Internet TV, and discuss Steve Jobs' anti-porn crusade.

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The Times unveils new Web site, pay wall imminent
New BBC iPlayer launched with extra social features

Android 2.2 Froyo and Flash Player 10.1
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This week in the feature section, we asked if our beloved Internet was going to be Freeview 2.0. Will we get our TV from the Web sooner rather than later? With the announcement that Project Canvas is to go ahead, we couldn't help but wonder if a future generation of TVs won't pluck their signals from the air, but from the Ethernet cable.

Steve Jobs has made it official that he intends to do everything in his power to ban adult apps from the iTunes store. Sure, that's his prerogative, but is he going to ban Safari too? Has he forgotten that one of the top two uses for the Internet is porn? It would explain his ongoing refusal to allow Flash on any of his mobile devices...