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CNET UK Podcast 181: Are social networks dead?

This week on the podcast, Flora, Luke and Nick talk about the future of social networks, ponder a new OS for iPhone and attempt to understand how someone spent £900 on Farmville

This week on the podcast, Ian was off stripping in his bedroom. Stripping wallpaper that is. So the reins were placed in the more than capable hands of Flora, who rallied prankster supreme Nick Hide, and once-intern, now CNET UK staff writer Luke Westaway. On the agenda this week: the death of social networking, some stupid new British law and an annoying new phone operating system.

The death of Bebo iPhone 4.0 OS sneak peekSuper-fast broadband tax scrapped

Doctor Who gets online games to keep fans happy

News reaches us that AOL is considering selling or even closing British social-networking site Bebo. This caused us to wonder if time has been called on the social network? Facebook is annoying as all hell to use, Friends Reunited is long dead and according to studies, Twitter use is down. So, is there a future in any of this, or should we go back to a read-only

Your opinion counts, as ever, so enjoy the results of our podcast poll, or even take the time to have your say now.

In this week's WTF, we were forced to wonder what sort of world we live in when it's possible to spend £900 on a stupid farm game

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