CNET UK Podcast 176: Geneva Motor Show special

This week on the podcast an ill Rory Reid joined a recently recovered Flora Graham, and a perfectly healthy Ian Morris to talk about the Geneva Motor Show and the week's tech news

Ian Morris
2 min read

This week, we celebrated Rory not quite managing to miss two aeroplanes by inviting him on to the CNET UK Podcast to tell us all about hybrid cars and the latest happenings from the Geneva Motor Show. We also talked about the week's news stories and wondered what would become of a memory stick once swallowed.

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With Rory back from the Motor Show in Geneva, it seemed rude not to have a little chat about what he saw and what's going to be awesome in automotive this year. It turns out the hybrid car is going to be a big deal, with Porsche, Ferrari and Audi all piling in with new models to blow our minds.

This week, news reached us that a man, alleged to be involved in the cloning of debit cards in the US, decided to hide the evidence of his supposed crimes by swallowing a USB memory card. There's no info on what format this card was, or what shape it took, but it didn't exit his body of its own free will, so we can only assume it was fairly large. After four days of waiting, the man agreed to undergo a hospital procedure to remove the undigested storage. He's been charged with obstructing justice, and other crimes.