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CNET UK Podcast 174: What's hot from Mobile World Congress

In this week's podcast, Ian and Rory talk about super-sweet netbooks, 3D TVs and worry about the safety of children who have their schools spying on them with their laptop webcams

This week on the podcast, Rory and Ian sat down with the intention of talking about the week's most interesting tech news stories -- happily, it went off without a hitch. We spoke to Flora on the phone from Barcelona and she tipped us off to the coolest telephone-related happenings at Mobile World Congress. Also on the agenda was Kodak claiming that both Apple and BlackBerry infringe its patents, and Google's legal problems and privacy concerns over Buzz. In WTF this week, we learnt that schools are using their students' webcams to spy on them while they're at home. Shocking stuff.

Google in court over Book plans, and in hot water over Google Buzz
Kodak claims both iPhone and BlackBerrys infringe its patents
Bishops: Give up your iPod for Lent

Nokia Booklet 3G
3D Panasonic TV and Blu-ray player

What's hot from the annual Mobile World Congress extravaganza? We asked the ever astute Flora Graham to run us through the most exciting events from the show, and tell us who she thinks is winning the battle for our cheek space. We also asked you, our delightful and intelligent listeners, to tell us what you thought. Results were somewhat surprising, but there's still time to vote if you want to have your say.

If there's one thing we know for certain, children need to be protected from people who want to spy on them over the Internet. But what happens when the people spying on them are their teachers, and how do you legislate for them remotely activating the laptop's webcam to watch them without their knowledge? It defies belief.

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