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CNET UK Podcast 172: Have Internet comments got out of hand?

In this week's podcast, Ian, Rich and Rory discuss mean Internet commenters, mourn the loss of more Moon landings and worry about kittens

This week on the podcast, we took a look at the future of Moon landings, wondered if anything can save Symbian and asked if the Tories are right to push for fibre to the home before 2017. We also questioned the concept that the general public should be allowed to comment on Internet blogs and found the concept of pierced kittens slightly worrying.

Symbian goes open source
Tories want fibre to the home funded by TV licence
Obama cancels the Moon. Well, Americans landing on it

New Sony laptop and eco netbook
Sony Ericsson Vivaz

This week, we asked if Internet comments have jumped the shark. With the news that Engadget had to turn off user responses after the Apple iPad launch, we wonder if the general public can be trusted with keyboards.

Your opinion, as always, is crucial in our podcasts, so we asked you for your comments on whether comments were always abusive nonsense. Happily, your comments were neither abusive nor nonsensical. See the results, or have your say now by voting.

If you remember the Bonsai Kittens scam from a few years ago, you might treat these earring-wearing 'Goth kittens' with a dose of scepticism. But if it's true, as a society we've got more pressing problems than a few rude Internet comments.

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