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CNET UK Podcast 171: The iPad has landed

This week on the show we tried to ignore the elephant in the room, but in the end couldn't avoid it any more. So yes, tune in to this week's podcast to hear what we think of the Apple iPad

There's no point pretending that we didn't talk about Apple's iPad this week. As much as certain members of the team might sneer at such a ludicrous device, it's still the biggest news story this year. Even so, there have been other things happening, so we took the time to have a sniff around the world of tech and discuss its delightful odour.

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Forget the cure for cancer. Forget world hunger and natural disasters -- the iPad is here. It's the single most important invention since the Earl of Sandwich took a boring piece of bread, chucked a slice of cheese on top and finished with a revolutionary second slice of bread. It's more important than the creation of the Internet itself, more crucial than the motorcar, laptop computer or refrigerator. We barely feel worthy to breathe its name -- and no, that's not just because it sounds like a sanitary product.

We asked you if the iPad was going to be cluttering up your handbag or manbag any time soon. You can still vote in this poll, or simply gawp at the results that, for once, seem to defy Apple's 'Reality Distortion Field'.

This week, as if the iPad didn't give us enough to WTF about, we discovered that children aren't getting hurt falling out of trees anymore. The reason? They aren't up trees these days, they're sat on their rapidly expanding posteriors playing video games

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