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CNET UK Podcast 170: No jail for Oink admin

In this week's podcast, Ian, Rory and Flora take a look at the week's news and coolest gadgets and worry about the beautiful people

This week on the CNET UK Podcast we began a new era. With our old buddy Nate munching the grass in pastures new, Flora stepped in to take on the role of our permanent co-host. With Ian and Rory back from the fun and hard work of Las Vegas, now seems like a great time to get back into the swing of regular podcasting. On the agenda this week: Twitter jokes that go wrong, a file-sharing admin getting off scot-free and an exclusive dating site that just makes us cross.

Man arrested for airport bomb 'threat' on Twitter
Hysteria for Apple tablet builds
Amazon cuts fees for self-publishers

CraveNokia Ovi Maps
Kingston SSD drive with USB enclosure

After Oink administrator Alan Ellis is cleared of fraud charges, we ask if justice was done, and if the IFPI is right about the potential for piracy to destroy the very fabric of our culture.

This week's WTF wasn't so much a what the F, as a who the F cares? Apparently, beautiful people are being thrown off elitist dating Web site beautifulpeople.com for eating too many pies over the Christmas period. Our hearts are bleeding for all those former hotties who will now have to deal with life as one of us regular uglies. We'll try and contain our pain for them.

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