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CNET UK Podcast 169: Natali Del Conte joins us in Vegas

In a special, one-off live show, Ian was joined by podcast regular Rich Trenholm and podcast megafan Natali Del Conte, who reviewed all the most exciting tech from the showfloor at CES 2010

This week on the CNET UK podcast, we've got a live treat for you. And when we say live, we mean that it was live this Saturday from CES 2010 in Las Vegas and committed to the medium of tape. We had the honour of being joined by the CNET UK Podcast's biggest fan:'s Natali Del Conte, who shared the CNET Live stage with your regular hosts, Ian Morris and Rich Trenholm.

In a slightly different show from usual, we ran down the interesting things from CES, and discussed which did and didn't have the potential to make it in this technologically cut-throat world. We also tried not to use too many obscure British words, and it seemed to work -- we weren't even booed off stage.

We looked at Panasonic's blitz on the 3D market and some of the non-glasses alternatives, Polaroid's concept comeback, Intel's Cube of Awesome and Lady GaGa's irritating ubiquity, among other things.

As this show went out live on, you can also watch a recorded video stream of the events -- filmed before a live studio audience! -- which we've embedded for your convenience below.

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