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CNET UK Podcast 162: How's Android doing?

On the CNET UK Podcast this week, Ian, Nate and Rory discuss Wikipedia and murderers, a ban on power-guzzling TVs and we wish Android a happy birthday

This week on the show, Rory Reid, Nate Lanxon and Ian Morris decided to sit down and have a chat. As luck would have it, the chinwag happened at the same time as the regular podcast recording, and by sheer fluke, in the podcast studio. This amazing coincidence means this week you'll hear us berate Rory for being annoying, discuss how Android is doing after passing some important landmarks, and we ponder the legality of confiscating a child's Xbox 360.

Convicted murderer sues Wikipedia under privacy law
Microsoft denies Windows 7 is based on Mac OS
O2 builds bigger network, perhaps now we can make a call
Power-guzzling TVs to be banned by California

3D laptop from Asus

In the special feature this week, we talked about Android, which is around two years old now, and celebrating its first birthday of being available to the public via the T-Mobile G1. How is it living up to expectations? Will it beat Apple -- or is it gunning for Microsoft and Nokia's share of the market?

We also asked you what mobile phone OS you used. It's not too late to tell us, but you can see how everyone else voted too, and discover what the most popular mobile phone is with podcast listeners.

In this week's curation of the oddest things on the Internet, we questioned a 15-year-old's decision to call 911 when his parents confiscated his Xbox 360. Apparently the youth was so disgruntled by this reasonable punishment he asked the emergency services if his parents were allowed to do it. The local constabulary swung by his house to explain it in person -- to a no-doubt red-faced family.

We also think you should watch the video of Microsoft store staff pretending to be cool, and failing dismally. It will make you want the ground to open up and eat you, but as we said in the show, what makes Microsoft cool is how crushingly uncool it is. At everything.

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