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CNET UK Podcast 161: Have games gone too far?

This week on the CNET UK podcast, we looked at the week's tech news, talked about the first awesome Windows phone and debated game violence

This week on the show, we took our lead from the predictable news hysteria surrounding violent video games. We asked if games have gone too far, and if not, how far is too far? We also looked over the week's biggest news stories, including Microsoft banning pirates from Xbox Live, Rupert Murdoch getting in a strop with Google and Ofcom warning the BBC about using DRM for HD on Freeview.

Microsoft bans as many as 1 million gamers from Xbox Live
Rupert Murdoch wants to block Google from taking his content
Twitter removes retweet function temporarily
Ofcom won't allow the BBC to implement DRM on its free-to-air HD on Freeview

Flora got us all hot under the collar about the HTC HD2
Nate told us all about iPhone tariffs and how to get the best deal

Like the rest of the world, this week we've been mostly thinking about Modern Warfare 2. Unlike most of the rest of the world though, we've been largely satisfied that it isn't obscene. The debate about how far is too far in gaming will rage for years to come, but we welcome your thoughts either in our forums, or via Twitter. There's also still time to have your voice heard in our weekly poll, and see how other people voted.

This week's WTF was brought to us by a man who used Facebook to prove he couldn't have committed the crime of which he was accused. We're very impressed by this high-tech alibi, but we can't help but think it's open to abuse in future cases.

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