CNET UK Podcast 160: Killer robots, worrying trends and the iPhone is rubbish

This week on the CNET UK podcast, we talked about killer robots, the iPhone being the worst phone in the world and we took a look at the week's news

Ian Morris

This week on the show, we bowled through the week's news, including Murdoch missing his own deadline, MSN Music relaunching to muted apathy and the iPlayer finally coming to freesat. We also looked at some of the features we've got knocking around on the site at the moment and got some greasy finger prints on the latest tech gadgets to land in the Crave offices.

Rupert Murdoch has delayed his 'paywall' for online content
MSN Music relaunches with free streaming
Apple rejects iPhone app for containing 'iPhone' in title
BBC launches iPlayer for freesat at the end of this month

Olympus E-P2
Amazon Kindle, Sony Pocket Reader and the Sony Touch Reader

This week, we talked about how Flora has issued the smackdown on the iPhone, declaring it to be the worst phone ever. We also discussed how robots will possibly be tasked with your murder and the crazy things Google suggests from time to time.

A double helping of WTF this week had us in a rage about lasers being used to blind pilots landing planes and our joy at discovering Facebook has been used for something useful. For once.