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CNET UK Podcast 158: Can Twitter change the world?

This week on the CNET UK podcast we talked about a geek wedding proposal, wondered if Twitter could change the world and discussed the week's news and our technology cravings

On Crave Podcast 158, Nate, Flora and Ian discuss what has been a massive week for Twitter -- not only did it reach its 5 billionth tweet, it also helped Britain castigate a journalist who put some homophobic nonsense in her newspaper column and bring an abusive London Underground employee to justice. But we know not all of you love Twitter, so we didn't mention the micro-blogging site at all until our special feature.

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Our special feature this week is all about Twitter, but we think with some justification. In a single week, Twitter was offered $500,000 for a single, 24-hour ad banner, was used to bring swift justice to an abusive Tube employee and highlight a nasty little piece of homophobia. It also reached its 5 billionth tweet too, which is quite an achievement. We asked if this is all just hot air, or can Twitter change the world for the better?

Your votes, as always, were a major part of the show. You can see the results, look at the comments and even vote yourself if you haven't already.

This week we were slightly bowled over by a man who wrote a custom level of Super Mario World to propose to his girlfriend. This has to be the ultimate geek proposal, and we salute him for it. We also wonder what the wedding will be like...

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