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CNET UK Podcast 147: Are celebrities ruining Twitter?

This week Ian, Nate and Rich discussed the week's news -- including hacker Gary McKinnon's imminent extradition, Twitter being sued and Friends Reunited finding a buyer

This week in the podcast, Ian was joined by Nate and Rich to chew the fat of the week's technology events. There was some in-depth discussion about hacker Garry McKinnon being extradited and potentially having to serve 70 years in prison. We also talked about a man who's built his own helicopter and tried to decide if celebrities are ruining Twitter.

Google launches Chrome 3.0 into beta
ITV sells Friend Reunited for £25m
Hacker Gary McKinnon loses battle against extradition
US firm sues Twitter over patents

CraveFive browsers you've never heard of
Nikon camera with built-in projector

This week, we asked, "Are celebrities ruining Twitter?" We tried very hard to get the numbers from the Twitter Poll into the show, but with Twitter down for much of yesterday, and twtpoll having massive problems we just couldn't do it. The good news is the Internet has been patched up and we can bring you the full numbers now.

We asked, "Do you follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter?" and a staggering/heartening 81 per cent said "No!" You can see the rest of the results, or vote if you like, on the twtpoll.

Our second question was, "Are celebrities ruining Twitter?" 44 per cent thought they were, with 56 per cent denying they were having a negative impact. There's still time to vote, if you want to have your say!

A man in China has built a helicopter out of a motorbike and some wood. He's spent less than £1,000 on it, and he claims he learned how to do it on the Internet. Next week, we're pretty sure the world will have one fewer Chinese men.

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