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CNET UK Podcast 144: Is the cloud safe?

This week the team chat about Windows 7 pre-orders and Apple getting annoyed at Microsoft's laptop hunter adverts. Our special feature was about security in the cloud

This week on the show, Nate, Rich and Ian discussed how Apple has had a little cry into its tea about Microsoft's 'laptop hunter' series of adverts. We also talked about Windows 7 being super-popular, Apple breaking Palm Pre sync in iTunes and we had a 3D crave special.

Microsoft: Riled Apple wanted laptop-hunter ads pulled
Windows 7 flies off shelves
Apple breaks Palm Pre support in iTunes

3D Fujifilm camera
3D webcam

Feature -- Is the cloud safe?
You can still see our poll of the week, and vote in it. You can read about TechCrunch's decision to post documents obtained from a hacker and, as always, feel free to post your opinion in the CNET UK Forums.

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