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CNET UK Podcast 139: Palm Pre vs iPhone special

It's been a big week for Apple and Palm, with both companies launching new handsets. But which phone offers the most? Ian, Nate and Rory debate this, and other points, with some mild shouting

In case you've missed it, this has been a pretty big week for mobile phones. The Palm Pre finally got its US launch just two days before the biggest Apple event of the year. And yes, you guessed it, there's a new iPhone on the way. To celebrate these two events, Ian, Nate and Rory got together to talk about the handsets and what's good and bad about each one.

As you can imagine, the debate was heated and there was the occasional bit of shouting, but we covered a lot of points about both. We'd value your input, so head over to the CNET UK Podcast lounge to discuss.

Regular listeners might wonder why the podcast is a day early -- you can thank Mr Bobert Crow and his lovable union for interrupting our week with their charming Tube strike. Never mind -- here are some of our relevant stories about the Palm Pre and iPhone 3G S:

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