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CNET UK Podcast 109: Windows 7 won't suck. Honest

This week we talk about how great Windows 7 will be, and try once again to dissuade Nate from buying a MacBook, with an even worse outcome than last week

No, your seeing spheres aren't playing games with you: we have indeed tweaked the name of the Crave Podcast slightly. The podcast has grown to encompass the whole of CNET UK, and we want everyone who listens to the podcast to know where they can find the rest of our brilliant content. So welcome to the CNET UK Podcast!

Don't worry though, we're not changing anything else, so settle back and listen to episode 109, with Ian, Nate and Marian. There's all the latest tech news and more insults aimed at Nate, who is still thinking about buying a MacBook.

In the news, we were surprised to learn that Windows 7 is less annoying, and more stable than Vista. In fairness, those of us who use Vista on a daily basis don't really find it that annoying, but a multi-million pound Apple advertising campaign surely can't be wrong. Can it? We also discussed fingerprinting on the mean streets, a tagline change for LG -- apparently life isn't good in these difficult times -- and how people are being accused of downloading games they don't even play.

We also discussed what we've been craving this week, with Ian so excited about a limited edition Pioneer plasma that he pronounced the French for grey as "grease". A much more level-headed Nate talked us through two portable media players, one from Cowon and one from Archos, and told us which one was best out of the box.

As usual, we answered a couple of questions from our CNET UK podcast forum. As always, we'd like to invite you to leave feedback about the show, and specific product questions are always welcome too -- just stick them in the appropriate forum. Check out the previous 108 eps here, subscribe in iTunes here, or right-click this link to download the MP3.

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