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CNET to the Rescue: Mobile device advice

CNET cell phone editor Kent German joins Rescue to tell us how to ditch our landline phones and (maybe) our ISP, too. Plus, your mobile questions answered, like: Can I use a Kindle as a hot spot?

CNET cell phone editor Kent German is with us this week to talk about mobile devices, mobile carriers, and, if you really love mobile, how to dump your landline services altogether.

Next week we'll have Dong Ngo with us to talk about storage. If you have a tech question for CNET to the Rescue on this (or any other) topic, call us to get on next week's show: 877-438-6688. Or e-mail

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Episode 25: Mobile device advice

Cutting the cords
How to get good coverage in your home: Microcells and boosters.

Can you get a free microcell?

Product links: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint (review), T-Mobile (review)

What about reception boosters and patches?

Mobile questions
Can you use a Sprint WiMax phone as a residential hotspot?


budziktom: Can I use my Kindle 3g as a hot spot for my ipod touch?

Rafe: Not just no, but No Way. The Kindle is not a general-purpose platform for running apps and utilities. It has 3G, paid for by Amazon, so you can buy stuff from Amazon. Not likely we'll get this feature ever, minus a hack.


There are so many Android phones. Which do you recommend?

See Our Top 5 Android Phones


John: I'm planning a Disneyland driving vacation and considering renting a MIFI for a week. We have 3 IPod Touches and a laptop. We would like to have WiFi in the car form Tucson and in the park. What to rent? I did a little looking around and found out AT&T service is not to good in the park. I was considering a Verizon or Virgin MiFi 2200 but I know there are others any recommendations? I was looking at but not sure what to look for in a good rental?

Rafe: Thanks for the tip on Daypasswireless. Say you're gone 10 days, it'll run you about $80. For a MiFi rental, we think it's a great deal.


Jeremiah : I am traveling from SF to UK for 2 weeks and want my unlocked Nexus1 to work in London and France. I am hoping to use Google Voice for calls and using my N1 as a hot spot for my laptop. Any recommendations on what I should buy?

Kent: UK carriers that offers SIMs with data include: Vodaphone, Orange, O2, Three.


Next Time
We talk storage with CNET's Dong Ngo. RAID, SSD, network storage, you name it. Send questions our way: Or call 877-438-6688.