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CNET Showcase on 3D: Videos and wrap-up

At our first CNET Showcase event, local readers learn about 3D and see the latest hardware for themselves.

It went about as well as we could have hoped. In our first live CNET Showcase event for local tech fans, we brought together five manufacturers, two independent experts on 3D, a whole mess of pizza, and dozens of active-shutter glasses to give people a 3D glimpse into the future of home entertainment. See Brian Cooley's video here for an overview of the event.

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I kicked off the event by interviewing CNET TV reviewer David Katzmaier and Retrevo's Andrew Eisner about 3D in the home. We learned about the "Avatar effect" on the 3D market. We learned that while we've managed to avoid nasty format wars like VHS vs. Beta that typically plague new media developments, in fact we still don't have universal compatibility among 3D manufacturers: One vendor's 3D glasses won't work on another's 3D TV. So the era of BYOG to a buddy's Superbowl party isn't yet here. Check out the Reporters' Roundtable discussion video below to get the lowdown on 3D from these experts.

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After the discussion, we broke to demos from the five manufacturers at the event. LG, Samsung, and Panasonic brought gigantic 3D TVs and new Blu-ray players to feed them. NVidia showed off a wild three-screen, 3D desktop PC gaming rig. Acer brought PCs, monitors, and laptops running 3D software. Geeks in goggles were everywhere, answering for themselves the question on every TV buyer's mind today: is it worth it to invest in 3D today? See the videos and judge for yourself.

We want to do CNET Showcase again, bringing in vendors from other areas of consumer technology. What would you like to see a Showcase on? Leave a comment below, or e-mail me at