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CNET reviews the HP TouchPad

CNET posts its full, rated review of the HP TouchPad, including video, screenshots, photos, and test results.

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CNET's full, rated review of the HP TouchPad is now available, and before you guys let me have it in the comments, let me say that I came to this tablet with high hopes (maybe too high).

Really, the HP TouchPad may be the last great hope the tablet market has for a choice beyond the iPad and Android. RIM had its shot and it remains to be seen if Microsoft's Windows 8 is any more than Window's 7 in a fancy dress.

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I've said my piece, but be sure to check out Erica Ogg's write-up of HP's new WebOS app catalog, as well as TechRepublic's unboxing and hardware teardown. And you can find a slideshow walk-through of the TouchPad's WebOS features below.