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Canberra's New Horizons, Netflix's killer growth and a farewell to Iwata (Girt by CNET podcast 34)

Those amazing Pluto pics have a surprise Canberra connection, Netflix adds 3.2 million new subscribers and the world says goodbye to Nintendo president Sotoru Iwata.

In the all the excitement of this week's Pluto photos, did you miss the Canberra connection? Turns out that the CSIRO's Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex was the first place in the world to actually receive the feted images. It's not the first time that the CDSCC has been a major part of a NASA operation -- not bad given the incredible cuts to science funding in this country.

In news that will surprise no one, Netflix is growing. What might surprise you is the rate of growth. Globally, the streaming video-on-demand service added 3.28 million subscribers, most of which came from outside the US. The company reckons growth is being driven by one thing: original content.

Sad news this week, with Nintendo announcing the death of its 55-year old president Sotoru Iwata. Iwata was hired by Nintendo in 2000. Two years later, he became the first company president outside the founding Yamauchi family. He was a much loved figure, providing a human face to Nintendo for its legion of fans. He also made an amazing puppet.


Finally another famous gaming brand has reared its head: Commodore. The company behind the seminal C64 and VIC20 computers is making another comeback, this time with the Commodore PET, an Android phone named after its first computer back in 1977. It even ships with a C64 and Amiga emulator as standard!

Girt by CNET podcast 34

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