CNET Member Asks: Would you consider a BlackBerry phone today?

Longtime BlackBerry user and CNET member Nate650 wants to know whether or not you would consider using a BlackBerry phone today.

Nicolas Towner
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Welcome to CNET Member Asks, where you, the reader have the chance to get your question(s) featured on our website. To kick things off, our first selection is from CNET member Nate650, who vehemently defends the usage of his Blackberry phone, even today. He highlights features such as privacy, security, and productivity as his main reasons for using the phone. Read below to see Nate650's detailed explanation of why this topic is important to him. 

Nate650: "My first smartphone was the BlackBerry Pearl 8130, which was released in 2007, the same year the first iPhone was launched. Though there was significant hype surrounding the iPhone launch, I was more intrigued by the BlackBerry, possibly due to its reputation as a serious business device. I've since stuck with BlackBerry with the Bold 9650, Bold 9930, Z10, Priv, and KEYone. Though each of these devices were by no means perfect, BlackBerry's dedication to privacy, security, and productivity kept me a customer.

BlackBerry's journey has been a tough one; they've made countless mistakes since the first iPhone was launched. BlackBerry's answer to the iPhone didn't come until 2013 with the launch of the Z10, which was the first of its phones to be powered by the BlackBerry 10 OS.  Though the OS offered compelling features, it lacked a robust app store and ultimately failed. 


BlackBerry KEY2

Josh Miller/CNET

Eventually, BlackBerry transitioned to a modified version of the Android OS, starting with the launch of the Priv in 2015. Once again, BlackBerry failed to execute as the device suffered from poor performance, was too expensive, and simply did not resonate with users. 

They no longer manufacturer phones but rather have license agreements with hardware manufacturers to produce phones with the BlackBerry name. These phones run the Android OS, which they modified to enhance security, privacy, and productivity. I'm curious to find out why the vast majority of people wouldn't consider a BlackBerry in 2018 even though the latest Android-powered BlackBerry phones offer what I consider compelling features. Is it due to lack of advertising? Are the phones priced too high? Are folks still under the impression that BlackBerry phones lack a robust ecosystem?" --Nate650 

Nate650 gave us a lot of detail behind his continuing usage of his BlackBerry powered device and created a poll for you to vote on. Join us in the comments and vote on the poll to answer some of his concluding questions. If you're still not convinced as to his decision, share your opinions as to why not. If you agree with Nate650, and love BlackBerry, join in the conversation and show him he's not alone!

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