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CNET Magic: The Gathering competition winners announced!

We saw many great entries from some real card sharks out there, but we could only pick a handful of winners. Check below to see who won!

Wizard of the Coast

Who knew that CNET readers were such Magic fans? We'd encourage you all to go and read the entries when you get a chance, because there were some fantastic comments from people who clearly love playing the game.

With the Dragons of Tarkir set now officially out, we hope you've all been having fun playing dragons and raining fire upon your enemies. But now it's time to announce the winners of our Magic: The Gathering contest, and let you all know who's winning those dragon-filled prize packs, courtesy of Wizards of the Coast!

Starting with the runners-up, in no particular order:

Gentrifuge, who chose the Rod of Spanking (presented without comment).

ShienJazz indulged in a little too much schadenfreude over a Tragic Slip.

AdamSierra proved they're back in black with the Phyrexian Obliterator.

Blackexp is really just a great big softie a heart, choosing Bear Cub.

Axeman987 likes doing bad things to goblins, and we can't judge them for picking the Goblin Chirurgeon.

There was a great mix of love of artwork, mechanics, theme and history shown here, and it's obvious that our runners-up all had a deep love of the game.

Sadly, there could only be one winner, and it went to an entry that mixed in everything we loved about running this contest.

Wizards of the Coast

Without further ado, congratulations to Versati for their great explanation of why they'll always be a fan of the Bogardan Hellkite!

Thanks again to everyone for their wonderful entries, and we hope our winners have fun with the stacks of cards they'll be getting!