CNET Live - Episode 94

We take a look at the new iPhone 3.0 software as well as the new Dell Adamo.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor

We take a look at the new iPhone 3.0 software as well as the new Dell Adamo.

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Lenovo Pocket Yoga

Waveform bracelet

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Internet Explorer 8

First Look

Dell Adamo

News Sneak peek at iPhone 3.0

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Your calls:

What if you want to see two screens on one monitor? The perfect solution is a Dual Screen Splitter, but it also costs $3,000. You could also possibly use something like CamTwist and capture one screen then monitor it in the other. Our caller had a situation where he has two monitors, one that he can see and one that a customer sees, and he wants to mirror the customer monitor on his. Another way to do this would be to get a secondary monitor and split the signal from the customer monitor off to the secondary monitor.

To make a NAS work with Time Machine, you'll need to do some tweaking. One method involves creating a sparsebundle image on your machine. A different method involves mounting the backup drive copying a couple files to it then unmounting and remounting.

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