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CNET Live - Episode 90

What does your spit say about you? Wetalk with Linda Avey from about online genetic testing.

What does your spit say about you? We talk with Linda Avey from about online genetic testing.

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Your video calls:

Joshua wants to know if there's an easier way to jailbreak a 2nd generation iPod Touch. He's tried the command line way. Well iphone-dev team is still working on the jailbreak for the new iPod Touch. There's a great FAQ at redsn0w that can answer all your questions about how far along they are and how to find out when they have an easier jailbreak.

Your calls:

You can install and boot Windows 7 from a USB drive. That is good for Netbooks that don't have CD drives. Get a great tutorial from

MacBooks always go to sleep when you close the lid , unless you have an external monitor hooked up. Download IsomniaX to be able to prevent the MacBook from going to sleep.

To upconvert a DVD from a computer, just use a good playback software like VLC, then set your output to the resolution you wish. Of course, some folks think it's better to actual upconvert the video file. You can get a lot of discussion about this on the Video Help forum.

The Flip Video MinoHD is an excellent small HD camcorder. My wife uses it a lot with good quality. You can see examples here. Brian pointed out that the Kodak ZX1 will be coming out soon. He got a look at it at CES and said it was as good as the Flip and possibly a little cheaper, if you can wait.

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