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CNET Live - Episode 84

Tom Merritt, Brian Tong, and Molly Wood answer your tech questions.

Kind of all over the place, but it is, in fact, our last show until CES, January 8 and 9, live from Las Vegas. Visit for all the details.

Watch the show on CNET TV.

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Shane in Nevada Has a computer that continually drops off his wireless network. He's tried upgrading firmware and trying new wireless cards to no avail. We suggested looking into a Registry hack for WPA problems, looking for interference from other wireless broadcasters like cordless phones, or other wireless routers in his area. This forum thread deals with similar problems.

Your calls

Take a look at our Best photo inkjet printers. The Canon Pixma iP2600 is sold for less than $50.

You can use Wubi to run Kubuntu and Ubuntu. Just install the different ISOs. You can also add the KDE desktop from Kubuntu to Ubuntu; that way you have both in one. Here's a posting on how to add KDE to Ubuntu.

You can turn your old computer into network-attached storage (NAS) with FreeNAS, the Free NAS server.

Apparently some users have found defective Bluetooth can interfere with a Mac's ability to enter sleep mode. See this discussion on the Apple forums.

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