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CNET Live - Episode 8 - Show Notes

All the links and notes to go along with episode 8 of CNET Live.

A perfect show! Well except for the whole thing going off the air halfway through. Apparently somebody kicked a cord and unplugged us. I think it was Brian's cat.

Watch the show

And we didn't have our mics on at the beginning of the show. Brian's cat again. Had our tongues.

But beyond that we had some great stuff!

Things we Crave

Warming keyboard

Software prevents cats from emailing. (But not unplugging the show.)

Bill Gates and Steve jobs share the stage at D. Courtesy

Grads and Dads gift guide/

Download of the Week

HTTrack Website Copier

First Look

Microsoft unveils touch-screen computing.

Your calls

Sling Media maker's of slingbox. Put a wireless adapter on one to sling wirelessly.

802.11n standard not ratified yet.

Dell's with Windows XP.

Cingular 8525. Try Gmail and use Pop settings on the 8525.