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CNET Live - Episode 78

We share some of our scariest tech stories.

We share some of our scariest tech stories involving the FBI, Rock Band, debit cards, and Windows 98.

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HP Mini 1000

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Take a ride in a modern Zeppelin

Your video calls

Franklin's questions: Tethering a Treo to a Mac?
Watch our video by Rich DeMuro and read this detailed step-by-step from PeachPit press.

Tim's questions: If I delete junk mail will the spam filter still work?
Yes. Here's the wikipedia article on how Bayesian filters combat spam.

Your calls
If you're having trouble uninstalling SmartDefrag, read this forum thread from IOBit's message boards. Then you may want to try Revo Uninstaller or CCleaner.

Want to start your own hot spot? You can buy a plan from a vendor like this one. Or you can try rolling your own with some free and open source software.

Brian C. pointed a caller with about 3,000 photos to high-speed scanners. He also pointed out ScanCafe as an example of a service that will do the scanning for you..

Should you get the Sony AW laptop or the HP HDX18? The HP's safer but if you can hold on, wait until we can get a full evaluation of the Sony, because even though the AW is more expensive, it's got killer specs.

To downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP, you need a legal version of XP, and you need to back up your data and format your hard drive. See John Wilkinson's excellent explanation in the Windows Vista forum at

Want to stream your iTunes to your Internet connected receiver? Brian Tong recommends Airport Express.

And finally this from Vladimir, one of our engineers. "Just wanted to let you know that the menu-ing problem happening in Linux is actually NOT our fault. It's a problem with Flash 9 for Linux. The easy fix is to download and install Flash 10 which should take care of the issue.This was also answered on Mailbag from 10/21. "

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