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CNET Live - Episode 76

It's all about Macs today! Plus a look at the new T-Mobile G1, aka Google phone.

It's all about Macs today! Plus a look at the new T-Mobile G1, aka Google phone. And, of course, our second round of video questions. Thanks to Ross and Brad! Keep 'em coming to cnetlive@cnet.com. (No attachments, please.)

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E-mail answer Here's Ed's e-mail answering our caller from last week who couldn't get XP to install on his Windows Vista drives.

On your CNET Live from October 9, you had a caller trying to install XP on a Vista PC but it wouldn't recognize any of his hard drives. The problem is that either XP doesn't have the drivers for his hard drive controller, or he needs to turn off the flash cache on his controller. He can download the controller driver from the hardware manufacturer onto a disc, and then press F6 during the install when it prompts for unsupported hard drive/RAID controllers. Or, turning off the flash cache should allow XP to see the controller. I had this problem on a Dell Vostro laptop, and actually had to do both (disable the flash cache on the controller in BIOS and install drivers off a CD). Not sure if there is a way to get this solution to the caller, but at least you'll know for next time.
Ed Buck

Things we Crave

Intelligent heat gloves

3D Webcam

First Look

T-Mobile G1

Download of the week

OpenOffice.org 3.0

Insider Secret

Create iPhone ringtones

Your video calls

Ross's questions: There isn't an IP camera made today that also puts out video via USB or even FireWire that Brian C. can find. There ARE some IP cameras that have a video output, and if you ran that out to a video-capture card on your PC, voila. Look at Sony's SNCP5 ($460) coupled with the ADS Tech video capture device for ($50). Add the Sony SNC-ACFW1 Wi-Fi card for about $140. The cam supports PoE natively.

Tom suggested using WebcamMax or ManyCam to capture the screen with the IP camera software running so you can see the video. The frame rate may not be great, but it might work.

Brad's questions: We edited Brad's questions to just one, the one about sticky notes. Remember folks, keep your questions at 15 seconds. You can find lots of sticky-note programs at download.com. Try Notezilla.

Your calls
Mac or PC? That's almost like asking whether you should be Republican or Democrat. PCs are often more cost-effective, although articles have been done that dispute how much that's true. I'd say if you can afford the higher price, it's nice to be able to run Windows on a Mac. For the bargain-hunter, I'd stick with PC.

If you have Windows on a Mac in boot camp, you can easily remove it. Here are the steps.

Solid-state drives are getting cheaper. Brian C says if you want to wait for the cheapest, hold off a couple years. Here's a search on SSD price drops to give you some perspective.

Need some low-light cameras? Lori Grunin did a great job rounding up some compacts for you.

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