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CNET Live - Episode 7 - Show Notes

The folks from Barbecues Galore stop by to share some of the latest grill tech. PLus it's Star Wars 30th anniversary and Tom filled the set with Star Wars toys.

I filled the set with Star Wars toys he purchased on eBay, while all Brian could muster was a James Bond doll. Meanwhile we answered your calls and touched on our usual features.

Things We Crave

Star Wars 30th anniversary

Sony debuts flexible TV screen

Insider Secrets

Convert a DVD to Web video

Guest - D'pring Madeiros from Barbeques Galore

Download of the Week

CollegeBAR 8.4

First Look

T-Mobile Wing

Best of the Web

FruCall and NearbyNow

Email us at cnetlive@cnet.com Calls

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