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CNET Live - Episode 5

The links to the websites mentioned in the latest episode of CNET Live.

Here are the links to go along with the crazy episode five of CNET Live. Right before today's episode started the following things broke:

  • All the graphics
  • The screen capture machine (no shots of Brian or my laptop)
  • The audio
  • My brain (see call about graphics cards)

We got everything back together in time to do the show. Except my brain. In any case, here are the show notes for Ep. 5.

Things we Crave

Cooling glove

$150,000 turntable

First call - How do I take calls on a podcast?


Skype HotRecorder

-And what microphone should I use for a podcast?

Nice Heil microphones

Shure SM58

What's GDDR3?

Wikipedia entry on GDDR3

How can I batch convert images?


The GIMP Best of the Web

Faster Hotmail

What's the best remote access software?