CNET Live - Episode 17 - Show Notes

We talk online billing and how to put OS X on a PC.

Murali Subbarao, CEO of Billeo stopped by to talk about online billing.

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Things we Crave

Plusdeck EX

Toshiba wireless laptop dock

Insider Secrets

Anonymous wrote us on the CNET forums asking how you can get OS X to run on a PC. That discussion isn's allowed in the forums because of the fact that running OS X on a non-Apple computer breaks the EULA. Don't worry anonymous, I went there for you. Here's how I got OS X to run on my ThinkPad and why it's a legal mess to do so, on today's Insider Secret.

OS X on a PC

Special guest, Murali Subbarao, CEO of Billeo

Download of the Week


First Look

Nokia 6086.

Your calls

There's no way we know of to set your away message as your latest Twitter post, but it is suggested on the Twitter fan wiki.

The Medison $150 laptop.

Apple's suggestions for getting photos to transfer from your iPhone.

Tansee iPhone transfer.

Rip authorised OpenMG files with MarCNeT's Hi-MD renderer.