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CNET Live - Episode 14 - Show Notes

we get map-tastic talking about GPS and taking your calls.

Mark from Dash navigation dropped by to talk about their innovative new in-car GPS device. We also got a little map crazy with the basics of GPS and Google Earth.

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Things we Crave

ATI TV Wonder 600

Belkin Hub-to-Go

Insider Secrets

Jeff to cnetlive at - ""All the GPS talk confuses me. What exactly is GPS. I know it's satellites but how can it know where you are. That scares me. Is there any way to stop it from knowing where you are?""

GPS Basics

Special guest, Mark Williamson from Dash Navigation.

Download of the Week

Google Earth.

Report from E3

Veronica Belmont reports on the best of E3 2007.

Best of the Web

Crsusher for online invitations.

Your calls

What is "SpeedBooster" in the Linksys Router? It's some technology that speeds up the connection if, and only if, everything else ont he network you're using is also Linksys with SpeedBooster.

Batch converters for audio available from Also try VLC media player and Audacity. For converting recordings to WMA from Audacity, try recording in WAV and converting to avaoid sound quality loss.

DirectX 10 won't be dominating games anytime soon. Rich Brown spoke with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, who backed up that feeling.

How do you record a phone call for a podcast? You can try HotRecorder4Voip, or buy some equipment, or even try the old alligator clips on an old telephone.