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CNET Live - Episode 12 - Show Notes

Brian, well, let's just say Brian let the iPhone hysteria go to his head.

I had the "pleasure" of being joined by Mr. iPhone today. We definitely ruined one man's career on this show and maybe two. But while dealing with the seriously delusional co-host, we also got some questions answered and gained a little mor einsight into the search for the iPhone.

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Things we Crave

Lap Blaster

Live Wires custom earphones

Insider Secrets

Spencer wrote "Hey I love your show, I'm from Nanaimo, BC, in Canada. Can i stream music from my laptop through ethernet to my xbox 360 or do I have to do it wirelessly." The short answer is you can do it either by Ethernet or Wirelessly. You just need your Xbox and your laptop hooked up to the same network. The rest of the details are covered in today's Insider Secret."

Connect an Xbox 360 to your Windows PC Special guest, Kent German talks about the iPhone.

Download of the Week

ZoneAlarm 7.0.

First Look

Kent German previewed the iPhone.