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CNET's Farsighted podcast debuts with long view of US election

The election is almost over, but a tech-influenced era for democracy is just beginning. Join the discussion on CNET's new show, with live coverage from Clinton headquarters.

What brought our democracy (and Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon) to this point and what's next? We'll discuss that and more on our new podcast.
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It's Election Day in the United States. With most of us ready to put the 2016 campaign behind us and look ahead, CNET is premiering a new show, "Farsighted."

The first installment on Tuesday won't ignore the electoral madness, though. Instead, we'll take a look at how technology, especially the internet, shaped this campaign. Then we'll consider what today's nascent technologies mean for the future of democracy. What will politics look like in an age of artificial intelligence? Will the perfect candidate be genetically engineered one day soon? And what about hacking?

You can watch the debut of Farsighted live today at 3 p.m. PT/ 6 p.m. ET. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson will be reporting from Hillary Clinton's headquarters in New York and we'll also have CNET's Terry Collins, Kelsey Adams, Bonnie Burton and Stephen Beacham live in the studio in San Francisco. They'll join me, Eric Mack, from my own secret lair somewhere in swing-state country.

The live stream of today's show will be embedded below. You can also watch via YouTube or Livestream and join in the live chat room.

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. And tweet @CNET and @EricCMack.

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