CNET Asks: Which holiday deals day is your favorite?

Deals season is here! Do you bear the cold weather for Black Friday or shop from the computer on Cyber Monday? Let us know how you shop.

Nicolas Towner
2 min read

It is officially holiday season. You know what that means. With holidays come deals! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the best days of the year for finding deals. They have become so popular that they are almost holidays in themselves for some. People are so eager to get in on those Black Friday deals that they line up at stores on Thursday night, forgoing traditional holiday festivities. Or you could shop on Cyber Monday, which gives you the ease of shopping from home, while still giving killer deals. CNET has great resources for both of these famed shopping days, and more, so take a look and see what you might want.

Whether or not you partake in these deal days, there is no denying the cultural phenomenon they have turned into. An ode to materialism and commercialism. But I bet you can't beat those prices! Are you prepared for the madness? Personally, I don't bother with Black Friday because lines aren't my thing, but Cyber Monday is where I really scour the web for bargains. 

Everyone has their preferences on how to best take advantage of these days. What are your favorite resources to find great deals? Or what was the best deal you've ever come across? Regardless if you participate or not, let us know what you're in the market for and which deal day is your favorite. Or maybe you participate in both. Or none. Either way let us know below in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments!