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Clothes for Curiosity seekers: Mars inspires fashion line

Inspired by NASA's mission to the Red Planet, designer Nanette Lepore goes extraterrestrial for her fall 2013 collection, debuting a line full of shimmer and strong reds.

Nanette Lepore show
Models in Nanette Lepore's shimmery threads shimmy down the runway at New York Fashion Week.
Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET
Shoes and bags in the collection have a galactic feel. Nanette Lepore

Along with Bermuda shorts, bold stripes, and statement sunglasses, Mars is hitting the catwalk this year.

Fashion designer Nanette Lepore debuted her fall 2013 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York yesterday, and it's all about the Red Planet. Bags and high heels that shimmer like mysterious, shiny objects. Mod and angular shapes. And lots of red.

"Moody tones and spacey surfaces define Nanette's fall collection as she explores the contours of Mars," read a pre-show teaser on the designer's tumblr blog.

The garments don't have wheels or the ability to withstand temperatures below 200 degrees, and they might not be as explicity Red Planet as this skirt bearing an image of a Mars panoramic.

They do, however, echo the palette of earth tones and oceanic blues and greens seen in the below false-color image of a Mars crater snapped by the Opportunity rover in March of last year. And structurally, they definitely have a certain space-suitey je ne sais quoi.

Lepore -- a New York designer known for her bold colors and evocative prints -- says her collection was inspired by the mission to Mars and the resulting images of its surface and textures. She's been promoting her new line on Twitter with the hashtag #NanetteOnMars.

Even the Curiosity Rover, which has been keeping plenty busy drilling and scooping soil samples, found time to tweet news of the collection.

Designer Nanette Lepore, calling her collection "out of this world," says she drew inspiration from this color-enhanced image of Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech

(Via The Atlantic)