Clickfree C6 review: Excellent for the uninitiated

CNET editor Dong Ngo reviews Clickfree's latest backup solution, the C6.

Good-looking, compact, comprehensive and easy to use, the Clickfree C6 makes an excellent portable backup solution for home users.
Dong Ngo/CNET

Announced just month ago, Clickfree's C6 portable drive is an upgrade to the company's C2N. The new drive now adds the ability to back up the entire system (imaging) and restore it, in case of a crash or virus infection.

Supporting USB 3.0, the C6 is very fast, topping the charts of portable drives. The drive can also be used to boot the computer, a standard way to restore the computer back to its original working state or move the system to a new hard drive.

On the downsize, the C6 stores backups in a proprietary format, making it impossible to browse for files and recover them using Windows Explorer. The drive's Clickfree Backup software's restoring tool is also rather slow and limited when used within Windows. The drive also doesn't work with Macs.

Nonetheless, at a street price of just around $100 for the 500GB version or $140 for the 1TB version, the Clickfree C6 makes an excellent backup solution for non-savvy users.

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