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Clickfree backup gets system imaging

Clickfree announces a new click-free user-friendly backup solution that allows you to back up the entire system.

The new C6 Easy Imaging solution's software comes with an Easy Fix feature that quickly returns the computer back to a prior working state.
The new C6 Easy Imaging solution's software comes with an Easy Fix feature that quickly returns the computer back to a prior working state.
Screenshot by Dong Ngo/CNET

Clickfree's supereasy automatic backup solutions, such as the Clickfree C2N, have one shortcoming: they can't back up the entire computer and restore it to an earlier point of time. This is no longer true with the C6 Easy Imaging, which the company announced today.

This is the next generation of automatic backup solutions that, apart from personal data files, can also back up software and the entire operating system. This is similar to imaging software such as Acronis True Image. This allows the user to restore the entire system to what it was before being backed up, in case of a virus infection.

System imaging is not new and there are many different solutions on the market. Clickfree, however, says that this is the first that was designed for nontechnical consumers and small-business owners with the same ease of use as that of the C2N.

The new Clickfree C6 Easy Imaging portable drive.
The new Clickfree C6 Easy Imaging portable drive Clickfree

According to the company, to perform a full image backup, just plug the Clickfree C6 Easy Imaging drive in to the computer's USB port, and the Easy Run software will automatically launch and begin backing up everything on the computer. After that, user can use the Easy Fix software to restore all the personal files, software applications, and the operating system.

Apart from this main backup feature that allows for quick backing up and data/system recovery, the new C6 Easy Imaging drive also offers the following additional features:

  • Easy Restore: Your complete personal file backup and photos can be easily transferred to the original computer or a new computer.

  • Easy Run: It automatically backs up your photos and other personal files, software programs, and Windows operating system.

  • Easy Music: This easily imports music from an iPod/iPhone/iPad into iTunes on any computer.

  • Easy Viewer: You can view all backed-up photos and other personal files just like on your original computer.

  • Easy Organizer: It automatically finds and organizes your photos and all other personal files for backup.

  • Password Protection: Protects backed-up personal files with 256-bit hardware encryption.

Clickfree C6 Easy Imaging works with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as long as the computer has a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. The device features USB 3.0 connection and requires 100MB of free space on the host computer.

The new Clickfree C6 Easy Imaging solutions is available now in both desktop and portable designs with prices ranging from $140 (500GB) to $180 (2TB).