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GetMobio is a free mobile mashup of more than 100 applications and widgets for planning outings and reading RSS feeds.


GetMobio is a mobile lifestyle application that's trying to put your social life at your fingertips, literally.

The downloadable app helps you find places to go, get reservations, buy tickets, browse movie reviews and get directions--and it can all be done in very few clicks and with minimum data entry, according to Mobio, the company that created it.

The product is launching this week at Demo 07 in Palm Desert, CA, but the executive team dropped by the CNET offices last week to do a quick demo.

GetMobio is organized as a series of "collections," which is the company's way of saying "themes." Personally, I appreciate that almost every theme revolves around eating. Themes like "After Midnight," "Chilling Out" and "Urban Trekker" offer ideas for destinations--restaurants, clubs, lounges, shopping, cultural activities--and help you plan how to make it happen.

Mobio also has partnered with a few Web services for some feature applications, like Open Table Mobile, Mobile Flight Times and Mobile Movie Times.

The application definitely piqued my interest, but, of course, it helps that I occupy the midrange of their core demographic: 18- to 34-year-olds. To that end, GetMobio is optimized for use on a Motorola Razr, which is a good call, since according to The NPD Group, Motorola sold about 12 million of those phones last year. It will work best for Cingular/AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile users with all-you-can-eat data plans.

GetMobio is free to download, but expect to see ads running underneath the applications, sponsored business listings, and targeted offers like restaurant coupons.