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Classy 'Mixtape' coffee table is one for the jet (cas)set(te)

A giant cassette tape made of maple and walnut, and topped with lucite. Maybe if you peer at the wood grain on the walnut real hard, you can make out the words of a song.

Nice table. But get your shoes off the couch. And stay out of my liquor cabinet. Jeff Skierka Designs

We've found the perfect coffee table for that home recording studio you're putting together. Or maybe the perfect display space for that collection of obsolete technology you're so proud of.

Yes indeed, it's the "Mixtape Table," from Jeff Skierka Designs, a 12:1 scaled replica of that cassette mix tape you gave your main squeeze back in high school to profess your love.

Made of maple, walnut, and lucite, this old-media objet d'art measures about 4 feet by 2.5 feet, and is 5 inches thick, not including the 5/8-inch top. Skierka's site provides more deets:

This is a first prototype and one-of-a-kind table. Future versions will be CNC-machined out of high-grade plywood with a variety of ply combinations and a glass top. This table has been an obsession of mine for 5 years! It is amazing to finally have it come to fruition. The table is completely reversible (sides A and B).

We are working to get this into production soon. Both plywood and handmade hardwood versions will be available.

There you have it. No word yet on whether it comes with a giant pencil so you can reel the tape back in when it's spewed all over your living room floor.