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Classic arcade watch puts a game cabinet on your wrist

ThinkGeek's classic arcade watch sets a new high score for goofy wristwatches by taking its design cues from old-school gaming cabinets.

Classic arcade watch
Show your devotion to the gaming life.

You love classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, and you want the world to know it. You could wear a hip T-shirt with a Donkey Kong logo on it, or you could scrap all sense of subtly and strap ThinkGeek's classic arcade watch to your wrist.

The watch looks like a mini arcade cabinet complete with a tiny joystick and little red button. What it actually does is tell the time with a pair of moving asteroids and a spaceship. The fictional game on display is called "Galactic Defense." It comes out in March for $59.99.

If the watch had miraculously been a playable arcade game with a functioning joystick, then it would be rocketing into the geeky stratosphere, but you'll have to settle for the highly satisfying "pew pew" sounds it makes when you push the "fire" button. That action also triggers the face to light up the hour dots in red, so you can actually figure out what time the asteroids are marking.

The watch is definitely a conspicuous accessory. Everybody will notice it. I suggest taking advantage of the situation to press the button, fire away, and shout "High score!" in public.

Classic arcade watch close-up
It says it costs 25 cents to play, but there's no coin slot. ThinkGeek