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'Civil War' just made $200M and Americans haven't even seen it yet

Even before it opens in the US, "Captain America: Civil War" has been making some serious money at the international box office.

Marvel Films

It doesn't matter if you're Team Cap or Team Iron Man: When it comes to Marvel's latest movie, it's Team Cash all the way.

Variety is reporting that the third Captain America film has made $200.2 million (AU$263.3m and 137m) in its opening weekend in international markets. The bulk of that came from Korea ($29.9 million) but Australia and the UK can feel pretty good about themselves as well, with $10.9 and $20.5 million respectively.

It's a significant boost from "Captain America: Winter Solider", the second film of the franchise, which saw just over $75 million in its international opening weekend. Some commentators are noting that the film is behaving more like a new Avengers instalment, which given the huge array of heroes on the screen, isn't too surprising.

On May 6 'Civil War' lands in the US, China, Russia, Italy and Argentina so prepare to block your eyes over the sound of cash registering ringing wild.